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Before sending it to the media, submit your responses to the court: NV Ramana, CJI

The Chief Justice of India made the statement during a hearing on a series of petitions seeking to abolish the restriction on iron ore mining and export in Karnataka.

On Monday, Chief Justice of India (CJI) NV Ramana stated that an official reply should be filed and submitted before being disseminated to media outlets and journalists.

A bench chaired by the Chief Justice of India was hearing a slew of petitions seeking to overturn the prohibition on iron ore mining and export in Karnataka.

In response to a response from the Union Ministry of Steel in the matter, the CJI said to Additional Solicitor General (ASG) KM Nataraj,

"Please file your response in court first, then in the media. This response, according to my PRO, was published in the media only yesterday."

The ASG responded, "It will not happen from our end."

The hearing was eventually postponed.

CJI Ramana was a journalist before becoming a lawyer, and he previously stated that the Indian media currently produces very few investigative pieces.

"As someone whose first career was as a journalist, I'd like to express my comments on the current state of the media. Unfortunately, investigative journalism is disappearing from the media landscape. It is accurate, at least in the context of India" he had stated


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